art education

At Rubber City Prints we strive to be a full circle in our education program. Your instructor may be a recent graduate gaining experience in teaching for the first time. Our interns, artists-in-residents, and volunteers all get the opportunity to learn new skills at our workshops. In the studio, we offer programs for all levels of skill set, novice, amateur, student, and professional artists. 

We hope to get our graduates jobs after they graduate with a Bachelors so they can stay in the Akron area. Due to many of our art majors are leaving for bigger cities and we saw a need to provide them with the facilities to stay and work here. It is our mission to provide the opportunities and facilities to help the arts thrive in Akron, Ohio. We have a huge art movement going on in the area but our schools still lack access to better art education. We hope to match the need for art jobs with our graduates to the need for art programs in our city school system. We hope to one day have a funded teaching program through Akron City Schools to help students with skill-building, art techniques, and gaining knowledge of digital technology.