Timing and Appearance

Every commission manager and clientele must meet at Rubber City Prints, Inc for one meeting prior to the commission start date and view the shop and processes offered. A month is considered a RUSH order for our group. Rubber City Prints is a nonprofit artist collective and all our artists contribute to commissions on a part-time basis. Everyone at Rubber City Prints, Inc. is part of a team of members that enjoy making art for exhibitions, shows, clientele, and the surrounding community. RCP will take large-scale commissions for the community based on need and if the project establishes a benefit to the Akron area.  

Commission Design

Rubber City Prints charges $35-55 per hour for the design of artwork and printing services. We will put together our designs and send them to you for opinions possible editing and approval. We can put a CAP on the number of hours we spend working on the design for deadlines and expenses. All artwork by artists at RCP retain the copyright of final images unless the client is an artist with original art/ideas that need the services of a printmaker.


Artist provides paper for proofing and edition+20% overage.

Master printer (assigned by RCP) proofs plate and obtains Artist’s approval (this may take several prints and interactions between printer and artist).

Master printer editions the print.

Artist pays RCP $35/hr for printing services- $25 goes to the Master Printer (assigned by RCP) and $10/hr goes to RCP.

One print from the edition is retained for the RCP Archives and one Printer’s proof is retained for the Master Printer.

*If the Artist wishes RCP to act as Publisher, RCP will take 40% of the profits from the sale of the prints, and the Artist receives 60%.