Private Parties

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$45 Reservation & Non-refundable Fee

It's a disgustingly wonderful way to enjoy the learning of fine arts.
Art Education Party Reservation
4 hr

Private Parties are a great way to establish community, team building, and enjoying an evening of art with family and friends.  We do Private Parties in all Fine Art Categories, Screenprinting, Intaglio, LetterPress, Smart Plate Lithography, Monotype Printing, Bookmaking, Painting, Drawing, Still Life, and more etc. Request your ideal Private Party here. All Private Parties are required to submit a $45 reservation fee and registration for your preferred party date. All submissions of images that need screenburns or printed to plates must be submitted no later than 48 hours before your party start time or you risk the chance that your images will not be ready.  


Pricing will depend on your process, time and instructor and all private parties are typically $45 per person.


Private parties are for everyone no experience is required and we can adjust to the level of experience for your level of education in the printmaking realm. We have coloring pages, watercolor stencils and pre etched plates for inking for all those who feel they may need more structure to creating their art or getting started.


We also provide team building workshops for corporations, businesses, organizations and families on the go! Please read further for weekday party examples and Every 10th person is free.

Do you have friends that want to have a great night out? Grab a minimum of 6 guests and host your own art party at Rubber City Prints in Akron Ohio! All of our parties include all art supplies and instructor fees. You may BYOB and bring food. Call/text 330-269-9837 to book your party 45-75$ reservation fee! 


Printing Process Parties

Woodblock printing 

Linocut Pattern Making 

Screenprinting posters, t-shirts, totes, etc. 

Large Scale Relief Printing

Large Scale Monotypes 

Ephemeral flower relief prints


Themes & packages

Wine Drinking for Inspired Inking 

Explore how wine drinking can influence creativity and find your inner artist come to life. Includes 2 bottles of wine and 2 printing/fine art processes, leave with beautiful art!


Pints & Prints

Screenprinting oriented night out for the brewery minded individual. 

Includes beer keg of your choice. 

Up to 4 stencil images pre-burned in screens prior to party & ready to print. 


Evening Escape Art Retreat! 

Grab your besties/couples and enjoy fine dining delivery from your favorite restaurant around town! We have a list of places that will deliver prior to your party. Each couple will work together to create a masterpiece print, while each individual gets a break for relaxation and soul exploration. 

Included is your choice of 15 min of either: reiki, energy drawings, tarot readings, or neck & shoulder massage. *Date depends on availability of practitioner for your party!


Fine Art Parties

Photo Painting

Still Life Drawing

Automatic & Energy Drawing

Tracing & Projection Paintings



During the week after school we do discounted private parties. 2 Hours. Tues, Wed evening.

$5 PER small print made at the party, so if you make 5 prints it's $25. Process includes, Giftmaking, Hand-printed cards, Watercolor, Monotype, Relief, Block-Printing, Stamping, Intaglio Dry-Point CD prints, and screenprinting stencils. 


Screenprinting Private Weekday Party- 2 hours

$25 per person (your choice of 2 screenprints) for t-shirt, poster, and/or tote bag using pre-burned Stencils. 


Water Color Screenprinting Private Weekday 4 hours- $35 per person.  Create your own expressive imagery using watercolors on screenprinting screens. Leave with up to 3 prints per water color screen image. 


Monotype Private Party- Weekday 2 hours.

$35 per person (Weekend $45)

Use expressive techniques such as rolling, painting, stamping intaglio based ink onto plexi glass surface. All participants will get 2 large 18x24 prints 1 original & one ghost print with residual ink and a chance to transfer their inked matrix onto fine art paper through our large etching press. 


Large scale relief Printmaking Weekday. 2 hours

$35 per person (Weekend $45)

Use a variety of found flat textured material to ink up and transfer to paper to create expressive landscape or abstract fine art print. Can be used as a base for other imagery added later in the workshop. 


Screenprint Foil & Shine stencils 8x10- 2 hours

$35 per person (Weekend $45)

Use Screen Stencils to create a series of foiled Screenprints. Each person can print up to 5 foiled stencils. 

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