Featured Keyholder: Andy Hammersmith

Andy is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art with a BFA in drawing and an emphasis in printmaking. She focuses on intaglio printing. She likes intaglio because it is the easiest printmaking process to convert idea to matrix, it's heavily linked to drawing, and it has consistency in multiples. 


She became a keyholder at Rubber City Prints to build a more established body of work to prepare for grad school, which will enable her to have a better chance at getting scholarships, and to hone her personal practice. She travels to Rubber City Prints above other Cleveland-area studios because it has a small and cozy environment. 


She works in very small scale, 4.5” images or smaller. Her work is viewed either singularly, or in a group/book format as the images she creates share a non-linear narrative.

She finds inspiration from the history of printmaking as well as how the progression of technology widens a single person’s influence, either for the better or worse. Through her work, she tries to make the viewer think about nuclear warfare, the US involvement in world wars, and the violence that builds up to a war from different perspectives by reworking historic events and removing the human element to direct the focus back to the main point.

19 Nevada, 1958 - Andy Hammersmith edit.
20 Catastrphe in color - Andy Hammersmit