Printshop Assistant Internship


HS Graduate/G.E.D. Preferred

Friendly outgoing personality

Good time management skills

Casual dress code with full coverage shoes

Training & Education

Gain understanding of printmaking & non-profits

Gain understanding of services offered at RCP

Gain Access to college level trainings

Get Trade for hours at the printshop

Print Shop Assistant Internship for Rubber City Prints, Inc.


The Print Shop Assistant will work directly with Directors, Studio Interns, Artist-in-Residence and volunteers helping to complete projects when assistance is required. Assist volunteers to help complete projects in the screen-printing department and around the shop. Learn how to power wash screens, prepare screen-printing materials in the darkroom, and help create stencils for upcoming workshops.  Assist the interns and staff at pop-up vendor stands around the Akron Area.  Engaged customers in short dialogue to determine needs. Painting and general shop upkeep and organization.  Receive non-profit printshop trainings on workplace safety, screen-printing, clerical administration, and public relations. The assistant will be trained on three printmaking processes that can be demonstrated to individuals touring the shop and will be required to go through a safety training on shop equipment. The assistant will never use the large press beds or other equipment unless a studio monitor is present in the shop.


Experience at the printshop

-Assist instructors with demonstrations, making artwork, walk-in printmaking, and workshops

-Assisting interns, artist-in-residence and directors on special projects and gallery events

-Assist with studio upkeep includes restoration, organization, sweeping, mopping, painting and encouraging others to "always be knowling"

-Keep meeting minutes

-Researching printmaking techniques and processes, printmakers, printshops

-Greet customers and show around the shop

-Engage customers in short dialogue to determine their needs

-Handout service flyers, workshop flyers, business cards when appropriate

-Help prepare instructor materials for non-profit donation based vendor stands

-Guide customers through 3 trained printmaking processes at the vendor stand