Change for Change

2017 is Rubber City Print's Year of Change! We have gone through a lot of hurdles in the past year, but are determined continue with our mission.  The artists of Akron are some of the most talented and they deserve to have the space and opportunities necessary to thrive in our city.  We want to keep local artists local! Over the course of this year, we have a lot of work ahead to reach all of our goals (listed below).  All of these changes will help us to improve and expand in order to offer more artists more opportunities.  Donate your change for change! Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated.


Rubber City Prints (RCP) is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization offering classes, studio space, and opportunities in fine art printmaking. RCP was conceived of and started by a small group of art student's from Kent State University. Their goal was to keep local artist local by creating space and opportunities for them to work within the community.  In 2014 the group won a small business grant that allowed them to open the shop. For the first two years RCP operated out of Summit Art Space in Akron, OH.  It was a wonderful opportunity to work closely with other members of Akron's art community, but rising rent and little room to expand became an issue.


In October of 2016, RCP moved to a house on West Market Street.  The move will allow RCP to expand programs and operate within a stabalized rent.  Goals for the new space include:


- A designated; screenprinting area, letterpress area, and etching area
- Adding a light exposure unit to include photographic processes
- Artist in residency program with housing
- Expansion of storage space 
- Expansion of art programs to include painting, sculpture, drawing, etc. 


Thank you for your time and support.

-Rubber City Prints

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