Hosting an RCP Printmaking Booth!

Hosting an RCP Printmaking booth helps provide experience to college-level interns and volunteers. Sponsoring the event supports your clientele and enhances the experience with an evening of on-the-go artmaking by your company paying $5 for each clientele that wishes to make prints. By sponsoring the event you'll allow free creativity to take place, support the clientele, and expand the knowledge of printmaking to the Akron community.

RCP is a non-profit fine art print shop dedicated to Printmaking education and your support will help future generations of fine art printmakers, fine artists, students, and teachers gain the experience and support they need in this rare fine art category.

The Process

1) Reserved your Booth Date $45, non-refundable & booth setup fee.

    - Email us your wanted day/time at

    - Pay with check, cash, card via PayPal invoice that we send your way after you register.

    - Stop into the shop and reserve your spot any Monday 4-8 pm

2) Pay for the instructor: $75 for the stand instructor for 3 hours+$15 for each hour after that*

3)Sponsor the event or allow us to collect supply fees.

    - + Pay for your customers

    - @5$ per print up to a max of 200$ after you hit $200 we won't tally prints.

     - Don't want to sponsor? Allow RCP to collect $5 from every person that wishes to make a mini print.


VIP Booth Option: Vendor stand, demonstration every hour. $200 instructor fee + 50 supplies+$20 per added demo/feature(we only do one demonstration per hour of the same process, fewer supplies, more satisfied customers that have more hour options to not miss out)

  • Add the giant woodcut demonstration

  • Add the Jewelry etching demonstration

  • Add the Photography into Fine Art Prints demo

  • Add the Stencil Demo

  • Add The screenprinting demo

  • Add the etching press demo

  • Add the Photobooth

  • Live performance art

Fine Art Vendor Stand: Free.

    - Allow our booth to collect extra $ and share our fine art prints collection with your clientele.

*1st Saturday stands are always $75 for the host. 4-9 pm with a 2-hour discount. They can still sponsor the event by paying for the prints clientele make. Max $250 for the evening, we will tally prints.


*Reserve the Donation-Based Non-profit booth for next year at your event! 2-3 Hours of donation-based printing with 0 Fees. Only 10 left for 2019. Are you a non-profit? Please email us to schedule your event. 

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