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Intaglio Workshop Series

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Instructor: Krista Rickert

Intaglio Introductory 8 Weeks

Saturdays Morning or Afternoon availability. 

Schedule by texting 330-269-9837

Required for All other Intaglio workshops:

Intro to Intaglio: Dry Point & Intaglio Printing

 Intro to intaglio- Etching Press, Safety,

Introduction to tools & techniques

 Intro to Intaglio-Intaglio Printing & Color Mixing

Intro to Intaglio: Open Bite & Sugar Lift

Intro to Intaglio- Building imagery & Open etching

Intro to Intaglio- Variations,Recipies, Printing


Intro to Intaglio: Collagraph, Chine Colle & Viscosity Printing

 Intro to Intaglio- Building the Plate

 Intro to Intaglio-Printing Day & Introduction to Variations


Intro to Intaglio: Etching, Engraving & Embossment

 Intro to Intaglio  Hardground & Softground

 Intro to Intaglio: Variations & Printing

Please Register for classes by emailing info@rubbercityprints.org with Workshop Title, Name, Email, phone number. If you are a member please register via email and an invoice with discounted 10% off workshop will be sent to you. If you require making payments please let us know via email or by calling 330-269-9837