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DeAnn  L. Prosia

DeAnn L. Prosia



line etching    

7.24" x 10.75"    


edition of 40



  • Artist Statement

    I have always been fascinated how, throughout history, societies have created structural and interesting architectural forms and buildings that fill the needs of people and their everyday lives. I create my etchings by building up layers of line to create tone that are sometimes mistaken for aquatint. My subject matter, New York locations, are a good match for my crosshatching and fine details as my line work is architectural in itself.  Using a sewing needle and working on copper I get the desired fine lines and details I like.  I enjoy when people can revisit my etchings and see something different each time.  Etchings that are approximately2” x 2” can take up to 20 hours to create; the largest pieces taking over 200 hours. I ink and hand pull my own etchings.

  • Artist Bio

    DeAnn L. Prosia is President of the Society of American Graphic Artists.  Permanent collections include: The Rockwell Museum - A Smithsonian Affiliate, Corning, NY; The New York Historical Society Museum and Library, The New York Public Library Print Collection; the Jundt Art Museum, Spokane, WA; the Newark Public Library, Special Collections, Newark, NJ; Rutgers University Archives, New Jersey; Syracuse University Art Collections, Syracuse, NY and the Stedelijke Musea, Belgium. Her work can be found on Artsy, Artnet, and at The Old Print Shop in NYC and has exhibited in over 300 shows winning numerous awards, including Best in Show, the Gold Medal of Honor and the Anna Hyatt Huntington Bronze Medal from the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club all within two years.  Born in Chicago she lived in Kentucky, Connecticut and Germany where she had two one person shows.  She now lives and works in New Jersey.

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