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To schedule a workshop please email us at


Learn how to use tools and gauges, carve wood, create patterns, and crosshatching to 

building a woodcut image.


We have lots of screenprinting equipment for you to create anything from fine art works to t-shirts and totes!


We offer workshops for 1 session to an intensive 8 sessions depending on your skill level and interest in techniques.


Monoprinting is a painterly process where the artist paints onto a substrate with inks and brushes and pulls a unique impression.

Relief Printing

Relief printing does not just refer to woodcut. It means the artist is printing the high areas of a substrate, but you can also use found objects and other materials to create imagery.


We have a wonderful letterpress with tons and tons of type fonts to choose from! Learn how to set type and get printing today.


Bookmaking goes hand in hand with printmaking and we are excited to offer artists ways they can turn old prints or works on paper into artist books.


We offer smart plate lithography workshops! Smart plates are special pieces of paper that act as a litho stone would. You use traditional litho materials to draw, but you don't need as many harmful chemicals.


Do you prefer to learn on your own? We offer one-on-one lessons in any of our classes. Reach out for rates.

Still life

Practice your drawing skills at our studio! We have plenty of supplies that can be used to arrange interesting still life set-ups. 

Automatic &
Energy Drawing

Loosen up and promote creativity through automatic and energy drawings. 

& Projection Paintings

We offer more than just printmaking! Use our equipment to make large scale tracing and/or projection paintings.

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