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Support the Arts

Embark on a journey through our remarkable progress and join our community to help build a solid foundation for our future programs! Despite the challenges stemming from the tumultuous past two years, our resilience has prevailed, and we are in Akron to stay, ready for a flourishing future. Your support is not just an endorsement of our cause; it's an investment in the thriving artistic landscape of Akron. Together, let's shape the future of art in our vibrant community!

Rubber City Prints is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Your donations will support local artists-in-residencies, recent graduates, continued internships and more!

The beginning at Summit Art Space

What is happening now at STEWART WAY!

A big thank you to everyone for helping us get to where we are today!

Without you this would not be possible!


Krista Rickert - Our brave leader! The person that has the vision, motivation, and determination to inspire everyone. Thank you for keeping the whole of RCP going! 

Meryl Engler - Prior AIR, Keyholder! Thank you for keeping our doors open over covid and making such an amazing impact in the Akron Art Scene. You are a true example of our hope for the AIR program!

Erica Criss - Our talented advisor and prior curator! -You have done so much for our community of printmakers to make our nonprofit better and an AMAZING leader for WPI! We miss you, move back to Ohio please. 

Mary Nemeth - Current board member, jumping into any challenge and taking it on since she moved back into town. So happy to have you around! 

Monica Pririe - Keyholder, for all the hard work she has put into making RCP what it is today! We look forward to what it is you will do next, the stairs are amazing, please check out her permanent stair mural!

Hui Chu Ying- Our wonderful board Advisor

Sarah Birch Land- for her tireless energy and hard work helping us get set up at 467 W. Market St! 

Many thanks to all of our wonderful board members for continuing their hard work!

Tara Myers, Jessica Gillen, Mila Susjnar, and Casey Hoxworth.

And special thanks to all of our founders and people who supported our beginnings!

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