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Akron's Educational Fine Art Printshop

Akronites, you won!

We are here to stay, join our team, get an artist membership, help grow our community!

Learn more about what you are supporting below!



The Printshop

Welcome to our new home on West Market Street! Be a vital part of our growth by contributing in-kind support for our house this year. Your donation of $500 or more goes a long way in championing our mission, vision, and future goals. Every contribution, big or small, makes a meaningful impact. Explore various ways to support us below! If your workplace offers donation matching, seize the opportunity.

Even if a $500 contribution isn't feasible upfront, you can still actively participate by securing your spot with a manageable $45 reservation fee. Furthermore, consider the option of hosting a private party with 10 or more friends to amplify your support. It's worth emphasizing that each private party you organize plays a pivotal role in funding our artists and facilitating enriching teaching experiences for our residents.

Your engagement not only injects vibrancy into Rubber City Prints Programs but also fosters the artistic spirit within our community. 

Recent graduates can join at a reduced rate of $25 and are encouraged to apply for our Ambassador Program. We proudly award two VIP Candidates ($500 value) from graduate programs in each state annually. Your support not only enhances your connection with our community but also plays a vital role in fostering artistic endeavors. Join us in elevating the arts and creating lasting impact. By donating $500 now you sponsor an artist to thrive this year!

How to support our printshop and artistic community

  • Contribute or Donate to our ongoing fundraiser

  • Support us by becoming a member on our website and enjoy exclusive benefits. (non-artists, gain discount on private parties, half price open studios for drawing and painting access until trained)

  • Book a Private Party for the upcoming year.

  • Support local artists by purchasing fine art prints all purchases go directly to intended artist.

  • Gift someone a certificate for a unique artistic experience, towards private parties, workshops, open studio time or memberhsip services

  • Contribute to our creative resources by donating art supplies like ink, paint, paper, and equipment.

  • Support our Artists-in-Residence with essential items like non-perishable foods, gift cards to local stores, and cleaning supplies.

  • Spread the word about Rubber City Prints by sharing our posts, news, and forwarding our fundraisers through email and social media.

  • Commission a local artist to create a unique piece of fine art.

  • Join our team as a volunteer or shop sitter to help with various tasks, including picking up in-kind donations.

  • Your support in any of these ways contributes to the growth and success of Rubber City Prints. Thank you for being a vital part of our community!


The Studio

Bringing the Art of Printmaking to Life through Educating the Educators

We've simplified our membership to create active engaging opportunties at our printshop for 2024 

Rubber City Prints is not just a printshop, but a hub for aspiring printmakers to hone their craft.

Membership 2024 will include out of house shows again! While we don't have payment plans online for annual membership, if you need a monthly payment plan or recoccuring donor plan please text the shop phone for support 330-269-9837

Empower. Educate. Enrich.

Rubber City Prints is on a mission to empower artists on a National level and to provide fine art education, development opportunities, and printshop residencies needed for the art community to thrive in Akron, Ohio.

Our Vision is to create a dynamic educational program in and around Akron that supports local and artists in residencies worldwide. We want to build a community of artists that fosters fine art education and contributes ornament individuals with raised work ethics! EMBOSS the change you want to see in the world. With Printmaking we can give artists and organizations a voice. Our EMBOSS the snail mail campaign will help us reach thousands of individuals this year to create awareness for artisitic needs, printmaking processes, and donor support! 

Art Education

Venturing beyond our printshop, Rubber City Prints actively engages with the Akron community by hosting educational events at local schools, festivals, Don Drumm Studios, the Akron Art Museum, and Akron Makerspace. Our commitment to community involvement extends to fostering partnerships that allow us to continue this outreach. At Rubber City Prints, we provide skill development opportunities for individuals at all levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. Beyond honing artistic abilities, our vision encompasses anchoring graduates within the Akron community by facilitating post-Bachelor & MFA opportunities. Recognizing the trend of art majors migrating to larger cities, we strive to equip them with the resources needed to flourish right here. Our mission is to create an environment where the arts thrive in Akron, Ohio.

Donate $500 to support a printmaker or emerging artist in need. Your contribution could fund a local junior or senior's summer development program or enable a student earning minimum wage to receive training in printmaking techniques at our shop, enhancing their artistic pursuits.

The donation form makes it easy for contributors to create payment plans and reoccuring payments! We are a 501c3 non-profit for Art Education, support the arts in Akron and help us to continually improve our offerings! Your donation is 100% tax deductible and you can write this off according to your tax advisor guidelines, we will provide a receipt for your records.

Donating $500 to THRIVE at Akrons Educational Fine Art Printshop

Your $500 donation will support local graduates to attain certifications, provide 100 recent art graduates VIP membership, and provide vital support to artists earning low wages who need supplies and workshop fees. Your contribution fuels programs that nurture future artistic talent and develop skill sets at Rubber City Prints. Help us cultivate a thriving artistsic community!


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Opportunities to join our team

Board Member

Advisory Council

Our distinguished Rubber City Prints board members undergo continuous development through various avenues such as the Non-Profit Leadership Lab, Non-Profit Quarterly, BVU, and Network for Good. As part of our commitment to excellence, our Board recently successfully concluded the BVU's 2021 Non-Profit Leadership Summit Series, a four-part series focusing on Thriving, Inclusive, Diverse Boards. Supported by mentors, an esteemed advisory board, and a dedicated team of volunteers, Rubber City Prints benefits from a wealth of expertise and commitment to fostering artistic growth and community engagement.



Shop Technicians

We provide unique learning opportunities through our internship and co-op programs, providing hands-on experience and working alongside Artists in Residnence. In addition, our shop technicians get to interact with a variety of projects, repairing presses, old screens, and assisting the printshop with trade for hours after graduation. We believe in providing excellent service while simultaneously growing the skills of our printshop community.


Shop Sitter

The Shop Sitters play a crucial volunteer role in ensuring the smooth operation of Rubber City Prints. Responsibilities include opening procedures, checking security systems, arranging gallery setups, managing inventory and sales, and engaging with customers to enhance their experience.

Our team is all in, minimum $500 donated annually. Most Donate more..make a contribution today to support this teams vision, contributions, and goals. Check if you have matching programs at work! a little over 1,000 provides a mothly wage to artists after graduation and we want to support 4 artists in full by 2025!

Exhibitions Membership


Our Quarterly Exhibition Schedule for 2024 is packed with exciting shows and opportunities for artists from all over Akron to showcase their work. Become a member today to have your pieces included in our exhibitions and for a range of member-exclusive perks. We have a strong commitment to promoting local artists, so you’ll be sure to have your talent showcased in our gallery. We can’t wait to see your work!

Empower Recent Fine Arts Graduates: Sponsor a Membership

By purchasing a $500 membership for a recent fine arts graduate, you can make a significant impact on their career. Your support will enable them to showcase and sell up to 15 works of art each year while benefiting from a range of valuable opportunities and exposure through our program.

Benefits of Your Sponsorship:

  • VIP Wall Display: Featured wall space for the artist's work at our gallery, providing premium visibility.

  • Representation All Year: Continuous representation at our gallery throughout the membership period.

  • Out of House Shows: Opportunities to participate in exhibitions outside our gallery, expanding the artist's reach.

  • 12-15 Prints: Printing services for a designated number of artworks, facilitating professional presentation.

  • Business Cards: Customized business cards to promote the artist's brand and contact information.

  • Social Media Takeover: Dedicated social media promotion highlighting the artist's work and story.

  • RCP Exhibitions: Inclusion in 5 Rubber City Prints exhibitions, showcasing talent to diverse audiences.

  • Facebook Group Access: Membership in our exclusive Facebook group for networking and collaboration.

  • RCP Webinars: Access to educational webinars on topics relevant to artists' professional development.

Additional Benefits:

  • 100% Artwork Proceeds: Artists retain 100% of proceeds from artwork sales (minus PayPal fees), empowering them financially.

Invest in the future of emerging artists by sponsoring a membership for a recent fine arts graduate. Your contribution directly supports their artistic journey, provides essential resources and exposure, and helps them establish themselves in the art world.

January - April

Winter Showcase - "For the Love of Printmaking"

Exclusive exhibition for our members to highlight their FINE ART PRINTS.

  - Open call for submissions: October to December 2023. In winter we keep members prints on the wall during off season!

Summer July-August

Summer Season - National Alternative Prints Show 

Delve into fine art printmaking, digital prints, and alternative processes.

  - Open call for submissions: April to June 2024.

  - Participation in local festivals, vendor stands, and pop-ups. 

June-July 2024

Spring Show - Color High Print Exhibition

Explore the dynamic world of color in printmaking, featuring artists nationwide.

  - Open call for submissions: January to May.

September 23 - December 21

Fall Perspectives - International Divergent Ink Black & White Print Exhibition

 A global platform celebrating black and white printmaking, showcasing diverse perspectives and techniques.

  - Open call for submissions: July to September 2024.

Every year we seek a new gallery to host our exhibition "Color High" that reflects the use of color in fine art printmaking techniques and encourages our members to continually make new art to display in the Akron community. This year our board member helped curate the Women's Printmaking Invitational at Kent State University at Stark Campus, a huge success and achievement for Rubber City Prints, Inc. This exhibition curated, selected and delegated by Erica Criss, an original founder of RCP and MFA graduate of Kent State University. 

Other long running exhibitions: For the Love of Printmaking, Divergent Ink, the National Alternative Print Show, Summer Arts in the Making and our Year-End Print Sale.

See more information on the exhibitions page!

Education Experience 2024

New member orientation is always free, determins your experience and opportunites at the shop as well as saftey training and skills assesment. 

Edcational Print Parties

Core Workshops

Member Open Studios

Help Fund our Fine Art Development Program

Artist in Residence: Fine Art Development Program 

Welcome to our Artist in Residence program at [Your Organization's Name], where we aim to foster the growth and development of emerging artists while making a positive impact on the local community of Akron.

Support Art Students: Donate $500

Your generous donation of $500 will directly impact art students by providing crucial support for their needs, including art supplies, travel expenses, and equipment. Help a student in need!

How Your Donation Helps:

  • Art Supplies: Your contribution helps ensure that students have access to the materials they need to create and explore their artistic talents.

  • Travel Expenses: Funding travel expenses enables students to participate in workshops, exhibitions, and other valuable learning experiences outside the classroom.

  • Equipment: Your support helps equip students with the tools and resources necessary to excel in their artistic endeavors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower recently graduated MFA/BFA artists through our Fine Art Development Program. We provide a transformative summer/fall/spring experience for local students, schools, and recent high school graduates in Akron's underserved communities. By enhancing art education and creating opportunities, we aspire to bridge the gap between art jobs and the demand for art programs within Akron's school system. We hope to offer a full spring-summer developement program that focuses on Drawing, Painting, Photograpy, and Printmaking.

Program Highlights

  • Fine Art Development: Our residency program supports emerging artists and recent graduates with dedicated studio space, access to equipment, and mentorship to refine their skills and artistic vision. While the recent graduates are gaining experience in thier chosen profession they can also have the opportunity to be paid instructors for the Fine Art Developement program for local students in Akron. 

  • Community Engagement: We engage with local schools and students through workshops, after-school lessons, and events, aiming to elevate the standard of art education in Akron.

  • Collaborative Initiatives: We collaborate with educational institutions like Miller South School of Art, sharing expertise and experiences to inspire and enrich young artists.

  • Teaching Opportunities: Graduates of our residency program have access to paid teaching positions within our community programs, providing valuable experience and mentorship to aspiring artists.

Our Vision

Our long-term vision includes establishing a funded teaching program in partnership with Akron City Schools. This initiative aims to equip students with essential art skills and digital literacy, preparing them for future careers in the arts. We hope to offer more schools access to printmaking and analog training in the future. 

Ambassador Program 

Ambassador Program

Rubber City Prints, Akron's educational fine art printshop, is proud to launch our Ambassador Program aimed at expanding our outreach to artists nationwide. Through this initiative, we offer VIP Memberships to 2-4 recent graduates per state, fostering growth and connection within our vibrant artistic community across the USA.

Join Our Community Are you a recent graduate looking to join our thriving artistic network? Apply today to receive a guaranteed annual membership for just $25 and seize the opportunity to become part of our prestigious Ambassador Program.

Why Join? By participating in our Ambassador Program, you not only gain exclusive access to our membership benefits but also contribute to the expansion and enrichment of our community. Help us grow and thrive as we connect artists from coast to coast.

Apply Now Ready to embark on this exciting journey with us? Apply now for your guaranteed annual membership and stand a chance to be selected for our Ambassador Program.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Apply today and be a catalyst for artistic collaboration and innovation across the nation!

Venmo qr.png

Internship $ 500 

Support Our Internship Program

Your donation of $500 can make a significant impact on the career prospects and financial stability of recent graduates. With your support, we can provide essential certifications to empower graduates as they transition into the workforce.

Why Donate $500?

  • Career Advancement: Certifications are increasingly required for many job opportunities. Your donation can enable a recent graduate to obtain a valuable certification, enhancing their competitiveness in the job market.

  • Real-World Support: After college, graduates face new challenges such as rent, transportation costs, and student loan repayments. Your contribution of $500 can alleviate financial burdens and positively impact their quality of life.

  • Empowering Education: Our internship program encourages students to pursue certifications to gain valuable skills and expertise that are in demand by employers.

Make a Difference Today!

Support the future of our talented graduates by donating $500 towards our internship program. Your generosity will directly contribute to their professional development and overall well-being.

Together, we can empower graduates to succeed in the real world. Donate now and be a catalyst for positive change.

Rubber City Prints team is committed to offering an enriching internship experience designed to propel your career forward. Our program focuses on providing comprehensive career coaching, specialized printshop education, and valuable training in key areas such as non-profit administration, marketing/public relations, and fine art development.

What We Offer:

  • Career Coaching: Benefit from personalized career coaching sessions every week to help you navigate your professional journey and set meaningful goals.

  • Printshop Education: Gain hands-on experience and proficiency in three crucial areas of printshop operations, fostering expertise in fine art development.

  • Specialized Training: Access targeted training in customer service, sales, and outreach strategies, equipping you with practical skills for success.

  • Online Development Resources: Expand your knowledge with online courses from reputable non-profit leadership websites, enhancing your understanding of organizational management and strategy.

Why Choose Us?

Joining our internship program means stepping into a supportive environment where learning and growth are prioritized. Whether you're exploring non-profit management, honing marketing skills, or delving into fine art techniques, our program offers a holistic approach to professional development.

Funded Painting Residency: Honoring Jack McWhorter

Welcome to the Jack McWhorter Painting Residency, a tribute to our esteemed leader and passionate advocate of the arts, Jack McWhorter. This residency program is designed to support emerging artists in their pursuit of artistic excellence and professional development in the field of painting.

Our Vision

At Rubber City Prints we all wish to celebrate Jack's legacy by providing a fully funded year-long residency for one deserving graduate artist. This opportunity will enable the recipient to delve deep into painting techniques, receive career coaching, access our printshop facilities, and develop an extended series or portfolio under guided mentorship.

About Jack McWhorter

Jack McWhorter was a dedicated painter and teacher whose works have graced galleries nationally and internationally. His art is represented by The Painting Center in New York City. Jack's love for painting and teaching was evident in his daily life, particularly at his studio on 467 W. Market. We honor his memory by continuing his legacy of supporting aspiring artists. We are grateful to have the honor of knowing Jack, being continuiously supported and we wish to give the same energy back. 

Residency Details

The Jack McWhorter Painting Residency offers:

  • Financial Support: A generous stipend of $20,000 to cover living expenses and materials, allowing the artist to focus entirely on their creative journey.

  • Studio Space: Access to dedicated studio space at our esteemed location, fostering a conducive environment for artistic exploration.

  • Mentorship: Guidance and mentorship from established artists and educators, nurturing the recipient's artistic growth and professional skills.

  • Exhibition Opportunities: The chance to showcase their work through exhibitions and public events, gaining exposure and recognition within the art community.

Join us in honoring Jack McWhorter's legacy by supporting the next generation of talented painters. Whether you're an artist, donor, or supporter of the arts, your involvement can make a profound impact on the future of our artistic community.

By donating $500 or more you help support our mission, vision and goals for the the future! Every little bit helps, support us any way you can below!

We've made it easier for you to pay this year with Google pay, venmo and cash app!
Need help with your donation call or text 330-269-9837!

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Rubber City Prints is on a mission to empower artists on a National level and to provide fine art education, development opportunities, and printshop residencies needed for the art community to thrive in Akron, Ohio.

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