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Akron's Educational Fine Art Printshop

Akronites, you won!

We are here to stay, join our team, get membership, help grow our community!


The Printshop

Welcome to our new home on West Market Street! Be a vital part of our growth by contributing in-kind support for our house this year. Your donation of $500 or more goes a long way in championing our mission, vision, and future goals. Every contribution, big or small, makes a meaningful impact. Explore various ways to support us below! If your workplace offers donation matching, seize the opportunity.

Even if a $500 contribution isn't feasible upfront, you can still actively participate by securing your spot with a manageable $45 reservation fee. Furthermore, consider the option of hosting a private party with 10 or more friends to amplify your support. It's worth emphasizing that each private party you organize plays a pivotal role in funding our artists and facilitating enriching teaching experiences for our residents.

Your engagement not only injects vibrancy into Rubber City Prints Programs but also fosters the artistic spirit within our community. 

Whether you are an artist, a creative individual, or someone seeking alternative ways to support us, we invite you to consider our premium offerings. Contribute $500 to secure a year-long VIP RCP membership or prepay for an exclusive private party. Recent graduates can join at a reduced rate of $25 and are encouraged to apply for our Ambassador Program. We proudly award two VIP Candidates from graduate programs in each state annually. Your support not only enhances your connection with our community but also plays a vital role in fostering artistic endeavors. Join us in elevating the arts and creating lasting impact.

How to support our printshop and artistic community

  • Contribute or Donate to our ongoing fundraiser

  • Support us by becoming a member on our website and enjoy exclusive benefits.

  • Book a Private Party for the upcoming year.

  • Support local artists by purchasing fine art prints all purchases go directly to intended artist.

  • Gift someone a certificate for a unique artistic experience, towards private parties, workshops, open studio time or memberhsip services

  • Contribute to our creative resources by donating art supplies like ink, paint, paper, and equipment.

  • Support our Artists-in-Residence with essential items like non-perishable foods, gift cards to local stores, and cleaning supplies.

  • Spread the word about Rubber City Prints by sharing our posts, news, and forwarding our fundraisers through email and social media.

  • Commission a local artist to create a unique piece of fine art.

  • Join our team as a volunteer or shop sitter to help with various tasks, including picking up in-kind donations.

  • Your support in any of these ways contributes to the growth and success of Rubber City Prints. Thank you for being a vital part of our community!


We've made it easier for you to pay this year with Google pay, venmo and cash app!
Need help with your donation call or text 330-269-9837!

Learn more about what you are supporting below!


Artist in Residence: Fine Art Development Program

Once our house is full of recently graduated MFA/BFA Artists in residents we will provide a "Fine Art Development Program" that will provide a summer/fall/spring experience to local students, schools & recent high school graduates in Akron's undeserved community to help raise the level of art education being provided. We hope to match the need for art jobs with our graduates to the need for art programs in our city school system. Our goal is  to one day have a funded teaching program through Akron City Schools to assist students with skill-building art techniques as well as gain knowledge of digital technology.

This is one of the programs we will provide based on observed changes in needs among our Akron community.


Currently we provide On-the-Go Art Workshops, after school lessons, and visiting artists events. This year, we were also able to visit Miller South school of Art and share printmaking experience, stories of studying abroad and providing one-on-one critique to the students to help develop their current art portfolios! We also have paid teaching opportunities for recent graduates that are participating in the RCP fine art residency programs with access to donated supplies and equipment 24/7! 

Ambassador Program 

Creates outreach to encompass artists on a National level by providing VIP Membership to 2-4 graduates per state and help our membership expand and thrive to new areas around the USA! This ambassador program will give back to recent graduate and help Grow, expand to our the existing membership program! Are you a recent graduate? Apply here to recieve your guarenteed annual membership for $25 and get a chance to be accepted into our Ambassador Program

Funded Painting Residency 

Our goal is to create a fully funded painting residency in honor of our amazing leader, Jack McWhorter. Jack loved painting and teaching, paintings and works on paper have been exhibited both nationally and internationally. The Painting Center in New York City represents his work. He also loved using his studio at the house on 467 W. Market. We will deeply miss our mentor, teacher and true art supporter. The Jack McWhorter Painting Residency will provide one graduate with a year long residency to explore painting techniques, career coaching, have access to the printshop, and create an extended series, or portfolio. 


We enjoy venturing outside of our printshop to connect and host educational events around the Akron area including local schools, festivals, Akron Art museum and Akron Makerspace. We hope to continue to engage with the local Akron community and grow with our continued partnership. At Rubber City Prints we strive to be a full circle in our education program. In the studio, we offer programs for all levels of skill set, from novice to professional artist.  


Every year we seek a new gallery to host our exhibition "Color High" that reflects the use of color in fine art printmaking techniques and encourages our members to continually make new art to display in the Akron community. This year our board member helped curate the Women's Printmaking Invitational at Kent State University at Stark Campus, a huge success and achievement for Rubber City Prints, Inc. This exhibition curated, selected and delegated by Erica Criss, an original founder of RCP and MFA graduate of Kent State University. 

Other long running exhibitions: For the Love of Printmaking, Divergent Ink, the National Alternative Print Show, Summer Arts in the Making and our Year-End Print Sale.

See more information on the exhibitions page!


Our internship program is based providing each student with career coaching every week, printshop education in three areas: development through planned training in the area of non-profit administration, marketing/public relations, and fine art development. We also have planned training in customer services, sales, outreach, and provide development training online through several reputable non-profit leadership websites.

Board of Directors

Rubber City Prints board members are provided new training offered through non-profit leadership lab, non-profit quarterly, BVU, and Network for Good. Recently we completed the BVU's 2021 Non-profit leadership Summit Series: Thriving, Inclusive, Diverse Boards; a 4 part series of leadership development training for our Board of Directors to have access to past materials! We are backed by mentors, an advisory board, and  wonderful volunteers. 

By donating $500 or more you help support our mission, vision and goals for the the future! Every little bit helps, support us any way you can below!

We've made it easier for you to pay this year with Google pay, venmo and cash app!
Need help with your donation call or text 330-269-9837!

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Rubber City Prints is on a mission to empower artists on a National level and to provide fine art education, development opportunities, and printshop residencies needed for the art community to thrive in Akron, Ohio.

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