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Kirsten Flaherty

Kirsten Flaherty


Otis II    


15" x 11"    




  • Artist Statement

    Kirsten Flaherty resides in New York while working as an artist and printmaker, with a focus in mezzotint. The technique of mezzotint first grew as the ideal media to reproduce paintings and
    portraiture in 17th century England because of its ability to yield a rich variety of tones and subtle gradations. Using this classical history of the medium, Flaherty depicts pit bulls through
    mezzotint portraiture, with the intention of inspiring a more positive view of a nationally misunderstood animal.

    Today, the American Pit Bull Terrier is a widely persecuted dog breed and these animals are often punished because of their negative reputation. In each mezzotint portrait, Flaherty strives to
    illustrate the personalities of these individual canines while also conveying the soft emotions of the animal through delicate tones and detail. The images inform viewers of the kind nature of
    these gentle hounds, and further encourage reform of the animal’s cultural stigma.

    A portion of each mezzotint sale is donated directly to a non-profit animal shelter.


  • Artist Bio

    Kirsten Flaherty has eight years of experience working in print-related organizations including the IFPDA, International Print Center New York, Manhattan Graphics Center, and Dieu Donné Papermill. She has taught numerous mezzotint demonstrations across the United States and is on the Board of Directors of the New York Society of Etchers.

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