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Linda Whitney

Linda Whitney


Blue Moon Butterfly Dancer    


30" x 22" 


edition of 18



  • Artist Statement

    The celebration of the Powwow is a declaration of the strength and tenacity of the indigenous cultures of this continent. The beautiful regalia is a testament to the history and creativity of the people. The fancy shawl dance is a demonstration of athleticism and the dancers indomitable spirit. It represents the joy and freedom of becoming a butterfly. Today women dance for their ancestors, missing women, the elders, the lost children and all those of the future.

    The process is long, sometimes arduous and approached with reverence and respect. The mezzotint image, printed from hand-rocked copper on Hahnemulhe paper, captures the movement of the dancers and the texture, beauty and detail of the regalia they wear. It is also my hope that those images visually represent the songs that are sung, the beating of the drum and the beating of our hearts and that of mother earth.

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