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Paper Marbling Workshop with Claire Marks

Paper Marbling Workshop with Claire Marks


Use code PEACEmarble for $5 off this amazing course available until Sunday September 8th 2019. 


Class Title: Intro to Paper Marbling

CLASS DAY: Sunday September 22nd 2019 

TIME: 10:30 - 4:30PM

Maximum students: 8 


Class description:

Marbling is the technique of transferring paint suspended on water to another surface, traditionally paper. Students will learn the essentials of marbling with acrylic paints: how to set up a marbling station, how to prepare their paper, and how to recreate traditional marbling patterns. Students will also have the opportunity to explore and play to create marbled monotypes.


Instructor Bio: 

Claire Marks, a native of Akron, OH, has spent the past several years immersing herself in the mesmerizing world of paper marbling. For her undergraduate thesis at the Cleveland Institute of Art (2015), Marks explored oil-marbling as a medium for expressive, abstract storytelling. Her prints have been exhibited in many northeast Ohio venues including the Morgan Conservatory of Papermaking, Summit Artspace, and the John F. Seiberling Gallery. Marks sells her marbled paper and hand-bound books through her business Peaceable Kingdom Books.

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