Definition of print


1a: a mark made by pressure : IMPRESSION

(1): a copy made by printing

(2): a reproduction of an original work of art (such as a painting) made by a photomechanical process

(3): an original work of art (such as a woodcut, etching, or lithograph) intended for graphic reproduction and produced by or under the supervision of the artist who designed it

By supporting this show you are in turn supporting our mission support local artists with the facilities and opportunities needed for the art community to thrive in Akron, Ohio. Choosing a membership will benefit artists all around the world to gain recognition in a rapidly growing art community! 


Rubber City Prints is a 501-C3 non-profit fine art print shop dedicated to maintaining educational printmaking facilities and helping art thrive in Akron, Ohio. We are currently seeking new members from anywhere in the world to join us in an exciting new printmaking collection. To enter, you must choose which annual membership best suits your skills, level, and professional taste.  Your works are guaranteed to be displayed in For the Love of Printmaking our Annual Members , selected works for Color High shows and our end of year prints sale.

Rubber City Prints includes a diverse team of Directors, Artist-in-Residents, Professional Artist Keyholders, instructors, and BFA/MFA interns ready to help sell your art at workshops, private parties, local festivals, vendor stands, public pop-ups, and weekly art hops all year long in and around NE Ohio. Become part of our annual members prints show this year and support our mission! For the Love of Printmaking that will take place every year in our print shop and get chances for other future members shows around our surrounding Ohio Cities. All members prints will be included in an end of year print sale at Rubber City Prints. 

Follow your inner printmaker and enter our show with member benefits for an entire year!

To be included for the year please make sure prints/payment arrive by Prints Arrival Deadline: March 1, 2021. If you do not make the deadline, membership can still be purchased but you'll need to apply to open calls. 

What our membership includes


In house Drop OFF Dates: November 2020 -March 2021 Mondays 4-8pm, Thursdays 5-9pm

For the Love of Printmaking includes:

Annual Members Fine Art Prints Show

*Includes Fine Art Prints

Prints Arrival Deadline: March 1, 2021.

Opening Reception: March 4th, 2021 5-9pm

On view show: March 4th - May 6, 2021

National Alternative Prints Show

*includes alternative prints, photography, digital prints

Prints Arrival Deadline: May 6th, 2021

Opening Reception: June 6th, 2021

On view show: June 6th - August 6th 2021

Summer Arts in the Making

Art Festivals, Vendor stands

Art hops, Pop-ups

Private Parties, Workshops


Color High Show: TBD (Color High is an out of house show that takes place outside our walls around Akron Ohio. Your prints will be selected for this show as well) Open Call includes non-members. Members 1 free print guaranteed entry if color.

*Divergent ink

International Black &White show

TBD (International show includes fine art prints, your prints will be included for submission if black and white) Jurors will decide.

End of Year Print Sale

All members prints included.

Also included in open call for mini prints!

On view for SALE: ALL YEAR in Artists Racks, Vendor Stands, Designated rotation based wall space




*Non-framed, non flat wrapped accepted for in store only promotions.


*All Inclusive, no judging, accepting fine art prints, fine art print collage, digital reproductions, laser prints, giclee, risograph, and photography. All works will be shown in designated categories/shows. (no drawing, painting must be printed, high quality prints of these works will be accepted)

*Members are categorized according to type, color, and membership status.

*All Prints may be sent to arrive by deadline. They may be mailed unframed and flat(no tubes) or flat wrapped. If sending flat wrapped, Backed with larger or equal to the print size foam core/mat board, and clear plastic wrapped (not plastic wrap please something durable and pleasing to look at, preferably non shiny) with durable tape. Prints may or may not be matted depending on preference. 

*Fine Art Prints must display an excellent use of printmaking processes and techniques.

*All other prints must display an excellent use of artistic technique and composition.

*Selected prints will encompass artistic diversity in size, orientation and location throughout the World.

*Max size is 36” X 48”

*All prints must have been created within two years of our submission deadline.

*All flat wrapped prints must include labels visible on back with Title, Medium, Artist, Pricing with attached contact information. Other non-flat wrapped must include printed list and descriptions.

*All Must Include contact information form,  business card, and address. Everyone must send out a pricing list. 

*Prints in Show will be at Rubber City Prints for an entire year.

*ALL pricing Must include a 6.75% Tax fee.  Artists get 70% and RCP Gets 30%.

*End of Year print sale will be discounted with artist benefit. If your print sells we will subtract your chosen membership and you may send new works for the following year. 

*IF your prints do not sell you may choose to enter into our archives, or pay for return shipping.



Annual Student Membership Entry: $25 for 2 flat wrapped prints

(see other benefits here)

Annual Individual Membership Entry: $35 for 3 flat wrapped prints

(See other benefits here) 

Annual Professional Membership Entry: $75 for 4 flat wrapped prints & limited promotional materials. Included on rotational print wall, on display all year with social media promotions.

(See other benefits for professional here)

Annual Sponsorship Membership Entry: $250 for 10 flat wrapped prints, stack of postcards, and unlimited promotional materials. Included on rotational print wall, on display all year with social media promotions. (Best value, only $25 per print!)

(See other benefits for sponsorship here)

Annual VIP Membership Entry: $500 for 15 flat wrapped prints, stack of postcards, unlimited promotional materials, VIP WALL SPACE &  RESERVED DISPLAY with SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS. 

(See other VIP benefits here)

Lifetime members pay once and never again!


ALL MEMBERS WILL BE INCLUDED and asked to exchange new works by deadline and receive a year long membership at RCP with discounts and member only show notifications. View membership benefits here.  Renewal of membership every year includes you into the show with your newly submitted art rotation.

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